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Nevada Trophy 2021
About Nevada Trophy…

Nevada Trophy was created by Michael Green in 1995 and first ran in 1996 out of Sparks, NV.  NVTR, as it's called for short, was based on Camel Trophy, then a world famous off-road event, some titling it as "The Olympics of 4WD." 


Since 1996 Nevada Trophy has brought people, teams and vehicles together... combining these with the want of Adventure and Competition, to make Nevada Trophy.


In short we basically created geocaching as we know it... as NVTR is based on a Camel Trophy task from South America where they sought out waypoints for points while on the clock, hence the moniker of GPS Rally Raid.


Over the years we've had all types of people and vehicles. Some people are very competitive and came for no other reason than to win NVTR, while others are here for the fun & adventure of it all. As for the vehicles, Land Rover has won over 80% of the events, many of which were showroom stock!


How does NVTR work? Each car is made up of a Driver & Navigator (no passengers are permitted). Each vehicle is 4WD with Low-Range. Route book will consist of "Waypoints" 5-per page, we'll give you the Lon/Lat and a hint as to how the waypoint may be attached (tree, bush, stake, ruins or on a sign post, historic marker, etc). Each waypoint is worth anything from 100-1000 points each depending of the degree of difficulty.  This will make up the majority of your score, the remainder is via Special Tasks or Mandatory Tasks, this could be driving, recovery, hand/eye (shooting), navigational (compass/gps/etc). To top it all off, you'll be on a strict time schedule of like 12 or 15 hour day (which you vote for at the drivers meeting). Penalty points are handed out when exceeding time limit(s), or violation of rules, etc. Best score at end of event declares the WINNER!  Will that be you?


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Wed March 10: Reg & Tech Inspection opens 8pm-12am
Thu March 11; Day-1 of Competition
Fri March 12; Day-2 of Competition
Sat March 13; Day-3 of Competition
Sat Evening; Awards Dinner

Sign-up opens on January 2, 2021. Limited to 30 cars / 15 teams.
Pre-Entry Fee: $600.00 per car by February 6, 2021
Post-Entry Fee: $750.00 per car from February 7 to 28, 2021
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